Past Projects

2014 YLP | Spetses

17-18 July 2014 – Back in 2014, when Greece was struggling to exit the crisis, the goal of the inaugural Young Leaders Project, was to provide participants

with a practical and progressive toolkit for generating bottom-up sustainable growth and for restoring social mobility, cohesion and welfare.

Symi Symposium, Re-Public and the Cambridge Foundation for Peace joined forces and designed a series of interactive workshops designed to strengthen participation in civil society networks and to generate innovative ideas for a creative post-crisis democratic Greek society.

Hosted in Spetses from July 17-18, alongside the 15th annual Symi Symposium, this pilot program brought together selected academics, politicians and intellectuals from different national and cultural backgrounds to share their expert views on how to fertilize collective action in local communities and across borders.

Workshop leaders included Mats Karlsson of the World Bank; Gerd Leipold of Greenpeace International; Jean-Cristophe Nothias, Editor of The Global Journal and expert in Internet governance; Professor James Fishkin, deliberative democracy pioneer from Stanford University; Professor Mary Kaldor, activist and Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics; Professor Richard Parker of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government; Luis Ayala, Secretary General of Socialist International and many more.

The initiative was targeted at young leaders under the age of forty—those in a position to catalyze deep, lasting change in Greece and around the world.