Past Projects

2018 YLP | Rhodes Island

5-8 July 2018, Rhodes Island, Greece

Moving our project to the spectacular island of Rhodes for our 2018 edition, we kicked off our retreat by celebrating the 20th anniversary of

the Annual Symi Symposium. In a fascinating one day joint program with the Symposium, our participants reflected on the overarching theme ‘’Harnessing Globalization’’ by joining interactive sessions with world renowned thinkers and doers, enjoying a working lunch with 2001 Economics Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz along with George Papandreou, and attending the closing ceremony and reception of the Symposium in a stunning location overlooking Lindos village. The following three days, our project focused on the experiential leadership training curated by KONU, empowering our participants to address the adaptive challenges they encounter across all fields of action while optimizing their leadership impact in the private, public and social sphere.